How to make a black clay pots

How to make a black clay pots


Vietnam black clay pot
Vietnam black clay pot

Wear clothes that  grubby and dirty

Knead the black clay

Slice your black clay in half with a stiff wire, and check for bubbles or gaps.

Once your clay is kneaded, try to make a black clay pots.

Vietnam black Clay pots
Vietnam black Clay pots

When the black clay is warm and pliable, take a fist-sized clump and roll it into a long rope called a coil

Create the bottom  create the bottom by rolling out some clay to about the same thickness as your coils, and then trim the excess with a knife

Prepare the clay and start work.  Do the same with the bottom of the coils as you work. Lay the first coil on top of the base, and wrap it around, building up the wall.

To make your work durable, strengthen the clay bond by smoothing down the inside of the pot, forcing down the clay from the upper coil into the joint below it.

Create your contours by adjusting the placement of the coils, and shaping the clay during the smoothing and strengthening process


Vietnam black clay garden pots
Vietnam black clay garden pots

Finish your black clay pot

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